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We have carefully selected My Father's World home schooling curriculum as the foundation of our educational approach. This curriculum not only engages students in academic disciplines but also encourages the development of character, virtue, and a love for learning. Through the integration of living books, outdoor exploration, and art, we provide a rich and meaningful educational experience that nurtures the whole child.


Our farm setting serves as a catalyst for growth and self-discovery. As children engage in farm activities, they learn important life skills, such as responsibility, teamwork, and stewardship. We believe that by immersing themselves in nature and caring for the land and animals, children develop a profound appreciation for God's creation. Our aim is to instill in them a deep sense of gratitude and reverence for the world around them.


Parent Partnership

Education is a collaborative effort, and we recognize the essential role that parents and the community play in a child's development. We embrace a partnership model, working closely with families to create a personalized learning plan that aligns with their values and goals. Our students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade will work with parents from home to further their education with at home curriculum. This partnership allows for parents to actively engage in the student's learning and ensure ownership of their student's learning.

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