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Image by Fauzan Saari

Fresh Eggs

At Refuge Farm, we are committed to providing customers with ethically and sustainably produced farm eggs. Our chickens are raised in harmony with nature, and our eggs are laid in a pasture range environment. We strive to ensure the highest quality and freshness of our eggs, while taking great care to nurture and protect the welfare of our chickens.

We are proud to offer a range of farm fresh eggs for sale, with each dozen containing a colorful mix of egg sizes and shades. Our eggs are sure to bring delight to any breakfast table

Image by Fauzan Saari

Posture Raised
Whole Chicken

Refuge Farm's whole chicken is the perfect choice for your next meal. It is raised free-range and fed an all-natural diet with no added hormones or antibiotics. Each chicken is freshly packaged and frozen, ready to be cooked and enjoyed. Its juicy, succulent meat and crisp skin make it a favorite for roasting, grilling, or slow-cooking. With our whole chicken, you can have a delicious meal without compromising on quality.

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